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We have all seen the ads... "We Guarantee top 10 search engine positions for your web site".
This blanket statement is certainly not possible. It is possible to achieve top ten rankings, but that will depend more on your content than any company with a bag of tricks.

Here's a good example
Go to Google and search for "auto". Look at the 10 ten results. Do you see Toyota? Ford? Chevy? Lexus? No, you see results that are related to the term auto in a broader sense than just any auto maker.

Now you would assume, that with all of the funds available to the auto makers they would be willing to pay big bucks to break into the top ten for our search term. That brings us to the back to the claim..."We Guarantee top 10 search engine positions for your web site". At Tucson Web Creation we don't make that claim but we have achieved top ten results for many of our clients.

Before we make any promises, it's important to take a look at the keywords or key phrases you want to rank in the top ten. Knowing how many people per month search for the term is a good first step.

It's important to carefully analyze the current top 10 web sites for your keywords in Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL. How did they get there? Deep content? Tons of outside links pointing back to their site? The layout?

If you currently have a web site that requires search engine optimization contact us for a free quote.

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